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Broaden access to digital health

Sano Health enables providers and payors to reach and engage their most at-risk patients and members through the deployment of assistive customized mobile medical devices.

Make healthcare more accessible
Give your patients and members the right tools to easily access digital health
Improve health outcomes
The most at-risk patients and members gain access to digital health, leading to better care management
Improve patient satisfaction
Care becomes more accessible, for patients and members
We offer the ACP subsidy, which can be used to improve digital health accessibility
Sano Health is an Affordable Connectivity Program service provider


Customized mobile medical devices to improve digital health access for patients and members

Mobile devices with data, voice and texting are configured with the provider’s preferred digital health solutions. Devices are ready to use and easy to use, removing impediments to receiving care


An experienced team with healthcare and telecom track records

The Sano team brings together significant expertise across the telecommunications and healthcare industries to stimulate change by connecting the vulnerable population to the healthcare system

Sano Health’s telehealth devices and connectivity enable us to reach and treat patients who had no other way to use telehealth; our patients find the devices easy to use. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when telehealth has become especially critical, Sano has made it possible for us to pursue our core mission of serving our community.

– Dr. Donald T. Erwin, founder and CEO of St. Thomas Community Health Center in Louisiana, and Sano Health customer

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Digital health enablement solutions

• Improve digital health access to your under-connected patients and members
• Improve patient engagement and activation

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We can help you use FCC funding to reach your patients

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