Individuals and Families

We work with individuals and families to provide connectivity solutions uniquely suited to their needs.

We are pleased to announce that Sano has been authorized as an Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) service provider by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These services will be free for qualifying households (for example Medicaid eligible) for the duration of the FCC program.

Our service is easy to use and is customized for the unique healthcare needs of each individual or family, while also enabling unlimited broadband access

Mobile Telehealth Device

Device configured and customized to the unique needs and requirements of each individual or family. The subscriber receives the device fully configured and ready to use, removing a major hurdle to receiving telehealth care. Can be customized to help users access their provider's telehealth platform and healthcare related content.

The configuration of the device home screen is determined by the subscriber needs, and designed for ease of use and accessibility.

Mobile Data, Voice and Texting

Device comes with unlimited mobile data, voice and texting.

Customer service is provided by live, tech savvy technicians, accustomed to dealing with users with limited digital literacy.

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Our last mile solution

• Smart mobile device, pre-loaded with your telehealth apps, locked and restricted to telehealth use
• Mobile data that uses the networks of the top 3 national operators and many regional ones
• Extensive device management and reporting