Healthcare Providers

Short duration and longitudinal virtual care management with SanoCare

Purpose-built mobile healthcare devices and broadband solutions connecting providers  with their patients. Pre-confitured with one-tap access to customized curation.

  • Used for virtual care models from single-encounters to longitudinal care
  • SDoH needs assessment and community social care resource locator
  • Works with most telehealth and RPM solutions
  • Enables surveys, and text & voice reminders
  • Supports SanoEngage, Sano's proprietary patient engagement
  • Mobile broadband included

    Innovative patient engagement with SanoEngage

    Easy to use, even for the most digitally challenged patients

    Learn more

Chronic care management solutions for hypertension and diabetes with Sano's low cost, feature rich, Sphygmo RPM solution. Learn more.

Starting in 2024, FQHCs may be able to be reimbursed for RPM. Learn more


Customized patient mobile healthcare device, preconfigured with digital health assets and ready to use

Mobile Connectivity

Data, voice and texting, using networks of major and local mobile operators

Management and Analytics

Remote management, monitoring and updates. Analytics and usage stats.

Logistics& Support

End to end logistics. Live support

Healthcare providers rely on SanoCare to provide digital health access to their most at-risk and under-connected patients.

SanoCare can be partially funded by the ACP for eligible patients. Learn more.

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