SanoCare for Health Plans

SanoCare is a secure mobile healthcare device customized for each member cohort

Enables communication, engagement, education, telehealth, and RPM  

  • Digital resources curated for each member cohort
  • One-tap access to digital health resources, including SDoH.
  • Preconfigured and preconnected to RPM solution
  • Enables surveys, and text & voice reminders
  • Supports member activation and engagement
  • Has mobile data, voice and texting
  • Persistent connection between member and care team

Improves member activation and engagement by providing easy access to digital health resources and a persistent communication link.

Many health plans are using the Sano devices for virtual Risk Adjustment Visits. The member receives the device ready to use for the RAV telehealth session upon power on.


Customized member mobile healthcare device, preconfigured with digital health assets and ready to use

Mobile Connectivity

Data, voice and texting, using networks of major and local mobile operators

Management and Analytics

Remote management, monitoring and updates Analytics and usage stats

Logistics & Support

End to end logistics
Live support

Can be funded by government subsidies:

  • Affordable Connectivity Program- LEARN MORE
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefit

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