Simplified RPM for better patient care

RPM can have significant advantages for some patients, but it is complicated to implement, and many clinics do not know how to start. Introducing RPM as a Service

Webinar on Best Practice for managing Hypertension

Dr. Raj Padway, worldwide expert on managing hypertension, and Sano co-founder Liliane Offredo-Zreik discuss the best medical practice for managing hypertension and how to have a successful program

Best Practice for Managing Hypertension

Dr. Raj Padwal, worldwide hypertension expert and Sano Health co-founder Liliane Offredo-Zreik discuss best practice for monitoring hypertension

Podcast: Telehealth, RPM, and the Evolving World of Digital Healthcare

Sano Health joins Kajeet in a podcast to discuss the evolution of digital health from telehealth, to RPM in a continuum to bring healthcare to the patient

Sano Health devices help patients on the island of Kaua’i access much needed care

Patients on the island of Kaua’i who lack access to housing and transportation use the SanoCare devices to access care for their medical conditions.

Webinar: Successful Strategies in Remote Patient Monitoring

What makes a remote patient monitoring successful? Speakers from Sano Health, Frost & Sullivan and Kajeet discuss in this webinar

Webinar on using EBB to improve healthcare outcomes

EBB funding can be used for a patient-facing device that improves accessibility to healthcare resources including RPM, telehealth and SDoH. Learn how.

Sano Health and Kajeet Partner to Bridge the Digital Divide in Healthcare

Telehealth, which may include services like video doctor visits and remote patient monitoring, offers a variety of benefits

Episource turns to Sano Health for Virtual Risk Adjustment solutions

Customized virtual risk adjustment solutions from Sano Health enabled Episource to insure continuity of care

How will the FCC score applicants for telehealth funding in round 2?

The FCC will use a point system to determine telehealth funding eligibility in round 2.

Webinar : Recently released rules of the FCC telehealth funding round 2

FCC Released Rules for Telehealth Funding Round 2 - Learn how to apply in webinar on Monday April 5 at 1pm

UPMC partners with Sano Health to “save one life at a time”

UPMC turns to Sano Health to deliver telehealth-based pre and post organ transplant care