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Telehealth is now a recommended modality for treating patients virtually

We work with individuals and families to provide connectivity solutions suited to their needs. We work with major wireless operators and regional ones to ensure good coverage. We provide devices and mobile connectivity, backed by live customer support.

Sano Health is an authorized Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provider. Our ACP service is SanoConnect.

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Sano Health works with health plans to solve their members’ telehealth accessibility needs and enable them to connect their vulnerable members to telehealth-related care.

Our secure, easy-to-use mobile telehealth enablement solution is optimal for virtual visits for both risk adjustment and on-going care management and engagement

Secure Mobile Telehealth Device

Telehealth-ready, locked mobile device, customized to the health plan specifications, and restricted to approved telehealth use.

Bundled Mobile Data

Activated device is shipped to the member with pre-loaded mobile data making it ready-to-use out of the box.  Sano leverages the “Big 3” national (along with major regional) wireless networks to provide the broadest wireless coverage to our clients, allowing them to reach their rural members.

Monitoring and Analytics

Our devices are managed via an industry-leading enterprise mobility management platform that provides extensive real-time usage and analytics and enables remote and dynamic device management.

Customer Support & Reverse Logistics

Live customer support for the device, mobile connectivity, and device management portal for the health plan and the member. Reverse logistics services provided for “single use” telehealth needs such as member risk adjustment visits.

Sano Health allows health plans to bridge the “last mile” telehealth gap for their members leading to improved member care, engagement and loyalty.

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• Improve digital health access to your under-connected patients and members
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