In the past few months, as telehealth use skyrocketed, driven by the pandemic and new reimbursement regulations, we worked with a number of healthcare providers who serve thousands of patients, to refine the patient's telehealth experience, leading to increased adoption and additional reimbursements. Here is what we learned:


●      Patients of all ages like telehealth and have come to appreciate the convenience and accessibility to care it offers. Patients who were reluctant to go to the doctor’s office due to COVID or had limited access to transportation or      childcare,embraced telehealth in droves.

●      Until now,  telehealth has been largely      inaccessible to many lower income patients due to lack of broadband access and oradequate devices, or because of limited digital literacy. However, healthcare providers can address these shortcomings by providing pre-configured mobile telehealth devices that are easy to operate and are pre-programmed for patient use.

●     The patient onboarding process is more successful when the telehealth solution has a simple, straightforward and highly intuitive interface. Training and education play a big role, too. The ease with which patients can learn to use and operate their device provides a critical level of comfort, confidence and trust, leading to higher adoption rates, and ultimately better health outcomes.

●     For healthcare providers, the pandemic presents a unique moment to learn and collect data in order to refine and optimize the patient’s telehealth experience over time.

●     Selecting the right telehealth provider–one that is nimble, collaborative and able to develop a customized solution based on patient needs–is a critical factor in making this technology available on a broad scale.

●     For providers that seek to expand their connected care offerings to underserved, at risk and aging patients,ensuring telehealth accessibility to the widest segment of their patient population is essential.

●     Today, there is heightened awareness of the lack of telehealth accessibility, which has led to the availability of government funding (for example: FCC COVID-19 Telehealth Program).This is an opportune time for healthcare providers to take advantage of this unique funding opportunity in support of their telehealth expansion efforts.

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