Written by Bill Siwiki,

January 05, 2021, 12:01 PM

For Healthcare IT News

UPMC used FCC funds to deliver devices to children who were recovering from organ transplants.

UPMC Children's began working with telemedicine technology vendor Sano Health, targeting two groups of patients: those in the acute post-transplant phase and those with long-term post-transplant care needs.

"We anticipated two timelines: An initial use of 100 devices in the first six months and a subsequent rollout of the 200-300 remaining devices in the upcoming six months," Mazariegos explained. "The initial devices were delivered to initial post-transplant patients in the acute phase of care or delivered to post-transplant patients who were anticipated to have difficulty in accessing on-site care."

The Android devices (administered by Sano Health) were preloaded with the UPMC Children's Hospital App and two related apps for video access – VidyoMobile and HealtheLife – as well as program-specific materials. For example, education for heart transplant or liver transplant materials could be loaded on the device.

Real Time Clinic was loaded onto the devices for subsequent use in the later phase. RTC is able to load medical survey materials that are useful for post-transplant annual follow-up.