Sano Health and Common Wealth Purchasing Group – Partnering to Provide Telehealth Enablement Solutions to Improve Healthcare Access for Under-Connected and At-Risk Populations

PITTSBURGH, PA, September 2, 2020 – Sano Health and Common Wealth Purchasing Group(CPG) have partnered to provide critical telehealth enablement solutions to CPG’s members.With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to limit the number of patients able to be seen in person at community health centers around the country, the adoption and enablement of telehealth is more crucial than ever.

Sano Health’s solution suite includes customizable telehealth-ready devices bundled with mobile data connectivity to support telehealth sessions. Sano’s devices are configured to each provider’s specific needs with use restricted to telehealth. The devices are managed and monitored remotely and shipped to the patient “ready to use” out-of-the-box which leads to improved patient activation and engagement. A number of leading healthcare clinics and hospitals nationwide are currently using this solution.

“Sano Health’s telehealth devices and connectivity enable us to reach and treat patients who had no other way to use telehealth; our patients find the devices easy to use. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when telehealth has become especially critical, Sano has made it possible for us to pursue our core mission of serving our community” -- Dr. Donald T. Erwin, founder and CEO of St. Thomas Community Health Center in Louisiana, and Sano Health customer.

Recent changes in policy have made it easier for community health clinics to be reimbursed for providing telehealth services to their patients. However, many lower-income and elderly patients cannot use these services due to the lack of broadband and/or mobile devices. Indeed,42 million people in the US are estimated to lack home broadband.

CPG and Sano Health delivered a webinar on June 17, 2020 analyzing changes in telehealth reimbursement, why telehealth is not accessible today, and how the Sano Health solution enables its partners to bridge the telehealth gap. Click here to watch.