Sano Health News

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Episource turns to Sano Health for Virtual Risk Adjustment solutions

Customized virtual risk adjustment solutions from Sano Health enabled Episource to insure continuity of care

How will the FCC score applicants for telehealth funding in round 2?

The FCC will use a point system to determine telehealth funding eligibility in round 2.

Webinar : Recently released rules of the FCC telehealth funding round 2

FCC Released Rules for Telehealth Funding Round 2 - Learn how to apply in webinar on Monday April 5 at 1pm

UPMC partners with Sano Health to “save one life at a time”

UPMC turns to Sano Health to deliver telehealth-based pre and post organ transplant care

St. Thomas worked with Sano Health to make telehealth easy for the elderly

St. Thomas CHC curated its apps to make it an all-in-one healthcare device that includes EHR access.

Cresentcare and Sano Health Lower Patient Barriers

Cresentcare and Sano Health lower barriers enabling more patients to use Telehealth

Elevating the Telehealth Patient Experience

As telehealth use skyrocketed, Sano Health worked on refining the patient's experience, leading to increased telehealth adoption and more reimbursements.

Webinar : Funding a Successful Telehealth Solution

The upcoming $250 million FCC funding for telehealth and how to use it to broaden telehealth access

Sano Health helps UPMC keep pediatric patients safe

UPMC used FCC funds and worked with Sano Health to provide telehealth devices to children following organ transplant surgery.

Broadening access to virtual care

Payors have many alternatives to broaden access to virtual care for their members

CPG Partnership

Sano Health partners with Common Wealth Purchasing Group to expand telehealth access

Virtual Risk Adjustment

A telehealth-based solution for risk adjustment visits enables continuity of care and improves ROI